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 Mink Yarn

Cruelty-free brushed Mink is the ultimate luxury fiber; it's incredibly lightweight, warm and oh-so soft. Knit mink develops a distinct feathery-light wispy halo that only improves over time; the more you wear it the more you'll be tempted to pet it. Mink possesses excellent body and drape for such a light weight fiber. The minks are not harmed in any way. While in captivity the minks are treated humanely and respectfully. Healthy stress-free minks brushed twice a year produce the most luxurious fibers. Here at Mink Yarn you’ll find...Read More

Recent Articles

New and improved 100% Mink lace wt.
August 12, 2014

My 100% Mink lace wt. yarn is now softer than ever. The new mink lace is spun from the same mink fibers used in my Chambery 90% mink 10% cashmere yarn. These mink fibers are shorter and finer producing an...

Introducing Mink Haze
April 18, 2014

80% Mink 15% Mohair 5% Cashmere, Mink Haze is finally available. I've wanted to blend mink with mohair for some time and spin a new yarn with an exceptionally fluffy soft halo. When you work on a project for a...

Chambery isn't your grandmother's 90% mink 10% cashmere
March 26, 2014

One of the things that prompted me to begin naming my yarns after French ski resorts sometime around August 2013 was to differentiate my original 90% mink 10% cashmere from the "new and improved" version. The original 90% mink 10%...

New Courchevel 90% Mink 10% Silk yarn
January 14, 2014

Befitting its name Courchevel,  the most glamorous French ski resort, my Courchevel yarn is peerless. This yarn blossoms like no yarn I've made to date. Courchevel is the yarn you'll need to stop and pet from time to time.  Maybe...